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To Understand Each Other (Tournier)
Tournier writes about the differences in communication styles between husbands and wives and why understanding these can help solve the problems of emotional starvation and lack of trust.

Just Listen (Goulston)
A primer on dealing with hard-to-reach people in virtually every scenario through use of well-honed listening techniques.

Bo’s Café (Lynch, Thrall and McNicol)
High-powered executive Steven Kerner is living the dream in southern California. But when his bottled pain ignites in anger one night, his wife kicks him out. Then an eccentric mystery man named Andy Monroe befriends Steven and begins unraveling his tightly wound world. Andy leads Steven through a series of frustrating and revealing encounters to repair his life through genuine friendship and grace. A story to challenge and encourage, BO'S CAFE is a model for all who struggle with unresolved problems and a performance-based life.

Personality Plus (Littauer)
A revealing "personality profile" self-test and Littauer's insightful advice help readers better understand themselves and others.

Who Do You Think You Are Anyway? (Rohm and Carey)
Dr. Rohm teaches how to become "people smart" and how to solve the "relationship puzzles" in life.

Type Talk at Work (Kroeger, Thuesen and Rutledge)
Authors Otto Kroeger and Janet Thuesen make it easy to recognize your own type and those of your co-workers in Type Talk at Work, a guide to understanding your workplace and thriving in it. This popular classic features a new chapter on leadership, showing you how to be more effective on the job.


Training Papers

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Additional Resource

The One Minute Manager (Blanchard)
An easily-read story which quickly demonstrates three very practical management techniques, it also includes information on several studies in medicine and in the behavioral sciences, which help readers understand why these apparently simple methods work so well with so many people.

The Way of the Shepherd (Leman and Pentak)
An inspirational book for leaders that borrows the ancient secrets of the shepherd to uncover a fresh perspective on the art of leadership and management.

Seven Secrets of an Emotionally Intelligent Coach (Livingstone)
Scott Livingston delves into seven secrets of coaching that will make you better with the people you lead.


Training Papers


Additional Resources

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Lencioni)
In keeping with the parable style, Lencioni begins by telling the fable of a woman who, as CEO of a struggling Silicon Valley firm, took control of a dysfunctional executive committee and helped its members succeed as a team. Lencioni offers explicit instructions for overcoming the human behavioral tendencies that he says corrupt teams.

Silos, Politics & Turf Wars (Lencioni)
Patrick Lencioni addresses the costly and maddening issue of silos, the barriers that create organizational politics. Silos devastate organizations, kill productivity, push good people out the door, and jeopardize the achievement of corporate goals.

Essential Manager’s Manual (Heller and Hindle)
This logically organized encyclopedia of leadership fundamentals concisely explains the basic actions required in common corporate scenarios, making it a useful resource for information on business communications, time management, decision-making, and a broad array of personnel issues ranging from motivating a staff to realizing when they are suffering from stress.